Learning the ropes

Administration adds a new start-of-school tradition with Advisory Day


Hillary Currier

Students gather before entering school on Advisory Day. Aug. 30 was set aside for students to meet with advisors, have their photos taken, get caught up on school rules and discuss summer reading.

Advisory Day allowed students to learn the ropes of the school before school actually started.

     On Aug. 30 the students were introduced to a new addition to the Central Catholic start-of-school schedule created by administration with the goal of providing students with necessary information about the year without cutting into actual class time. Students were able to get their pictures taken, meet other students, review summer reading, and attend information assemblies during Advisory Day.

     Director of Equity and Inclusion Melissa Lowery assisted in the overall creation of this day. Additionally, she helped with the dress agreement assembly.

     “I spent the majority of my time going over inclusive language and dress agreements and that led to some really great questions and conversations,” Lowery said. “Anytime I get the opportunity to dialogue with students is a highlight for me.”

     Overall, Advisory Day provided students with information about old and new policies, like the dress agreement, in a space where they had the opportunity to ask questions, according to Lowrey. 

     “People liked that our school got to hear the same messages about some really important school related business,” she said.

     Sophomore students in Hillary Currier’s English classes were asked for their opinions about the day.

     “It was too long in my opinion,” sophomore Norah Huether said. “Some of the things I felt were not necessary and staying in one class for a while is hard.”

     Sophomore Logan Anzellotti thought that it was a good introduction to the school year. 

     “I liked it because it didn’t interfere with class when you are just starting out on the school year and want to get to know the class,” Anzellotti said.

     Advisory Day provided necessary information and activities and will likely be here to stay.

     “It is new so we’ll be tweaking it for the next few years,” Lowrey said.