Back-to-School Assembly showcases performances by Cheer and Song and LSU


Hillary Currier

Sophomore Shelby Knutson and the rest of the Song team perform to “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce at the Back to School Assembly. Knutson enjoyed the experience. “It was super fun, the team looked great. Everyone worked very cohesively together and had fun and smiled. It just went really well.”

     The Back-to-School Assembly showed new students what Central has to offer and raised spirits among the rest.

     On Sept. 9 students gathered in the new gym to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and watch performances, activities and informative speeches put on by the student council and featuring the various clubs, affinity groups, and athletes.

     “I loved the assembly; it was a very strong start for the year, and a lot of unique talent was shown,” Assistant Activities Director Jean Primas said.

     A lot of time was put into planning this assembly since it was so early in the year. Primas explained that STUCO went on a three day retreat over the summer to plan for the year.

    Senior student council member Laila Vickers thought that the assembly went remarkably well for being the first of the year. 

     “It was wonderful; everything went well. All the teachers and students came to us and said good job. I thought we did well, and there was no fighting in preparations and much applause,” Vickers said. 

     Cheerleaders and Song performed at the beginning of the assembly.

     “I think that the performance went very well. We can always make our motions sharper and rally more because there’s never enough of that. But I’m happy with it and really proud of what we accomplished,” varsity cheer captain Ava Stubee said.

     Performing at this kind of event can definitely be a challenge. “The stunting was the most difficult, you have to work together as a team and make sure everyone is performing safely. It was also really difficult trying to practice over the summer,” Stubee said.

     To celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Latin Student Union invited teachers and students to the floor to learn a dance. 

     “I loved the dance they did towards the end,” sophomore Owen Shaffer said.