Art Club relaunches mural project

An interview with Nathan Monroe-Ramberg


Courtesy of Nathan Monroe-Ramberg

Art club has plans for a busy year. Vice President Nathan Monroe-Ramberg posed for a photo while in London over the summer.

     The Art Club has gone through some changes due to conditions in the past years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, art students were forced into their homes and were not able to create art together. It has taken over a year of being back in school for the club to be back in full swing.

     As they plan projects and events, they hope for quite a turnout this year. 

     Moving up to Art Club Vice President, Junior Nathan Monroe-Ramberg has big plans for this year. 

     “We are planning on starting some murals and finishing up the ones in the lunchroom,” Monroe-Ramberg said. “When Covid started, all art projects in the school were just sort of dropped. This includes the murals started in 2018. They are just left sitting in the lunchroom unfinished so we are hoping to get them finished soon.” 

     Murals are often large paintings, so a large group of artists will be needed for the completion of any mural that is planned.

     “We are looking to show off student artwork to students inside the school and outside as well,” Monroe-Ramberg said.

     Murals would do exactly that. Murals would be seen by students passing by, but also visiting school and other guests. 

     The Art Club is scheduled to meet on Thursdays at lunch. “We will soon send out an announcement, if we haven’t already, to everyone who signed up for the club fair,” Monroe-Ramberg said.

     There are no requirements to join the Art Club. Anyone is welcome. 

     After a stall in progression during the pandemic, Art Club is looking to increase involvement.

    “We are hoping to get a bit more community involvement with murals, given that they are pretty big projects,” Monroe-Ramberg said. “Designing posters for different events is also a possibility, but we mainly want to focus on murals. The more people we get for these murals, the faster we can paint them, and the more we can make.”

     With the plans still being sorted, much development can be expected from the Art Club, and their work should begin to show soon.