Club Fair showcases students’ passions


Nick Khouri

During Club Fair students show off their talents and passions.

     On Sept. 30, Central Catholic High School students enter the New Gym for another Club Fair during their Student Life Period to enjoy learning about the available new and old clubs. 

     Club Fair, though it has not endured too many grand changes, is a common occurrence at most schools and is the same at CCHS. Those who came to browse the clubs came in two separate groups, one with sophomores and seniors and another group with freshmen and juniors. 

     During the event, students from all grades showed off their new and existing clubs. Some clubs include our school’s Bee Club, K-POP Club, Math Club, Sock Club, Women in Sports and many more. 

     Though not all clubs had a table at the event, many were present to share more about themselves and what they do with the school community. Some were actively showing their club’s skills, such as the Pottery Club who had people sculpting or Baking Club who was handing out home-made baked treats. 

     Theresa Nguyen, a director of student activities here at CCHS explained some of the behind-the-scenes of our Club Fair.

     “I’m in charge of creating the layout, contacting the club monitors, making sure there’s a schedule and all the clubs are represented as best as possible.” Nguyen said. 

     Nguyen was also able to go into depth about the effort put into this event and the result of her, the student leaders of each club, and all the other members of the clubs get out of all this hard work. This includes the changing of some aspects of the set up prior to the event. 

     “I communicated with the Club Fair leaders really early on and had them come in during zero period to have them set up, and then we were able to have a bit of a meeting before the actual Club Fair, which really helped. We also created a layout where the club leaders had an opportunity to go and check out other clubs and be surrounded by clubs around them.” Ms. Nguyen said. 

     Club fair isn’t all about the build up though. There’s quite a bit or reward that even the event planners get by being involved.

      “I really like seeing the passion of our student leaders that they have for clubs just because obviously, without our students we wouldn’t have clubs and it’s very student driven which is the best part about it. Being able to watch students really advocate for their passions and really engage in an area that’s really important to them is always my favorite part.” Ms. Nguyen said.

     Students also had their own take on the event and seemed to really enjoy it, though they had a few recommendations for the coming years themselves. This includes sophomore Ian Parker, who joined EA (Equality Alliance), Art Club, Open Mic Night, as well as others, and enjoyed Club Fair for more than just seeing cool clubs. “I hung out with Willa, Anna and Danny and we all went in a little circle and then we met our friends at the different clubs because our friends were running clubs too,” Parker said. 

     Ariana Hernandez-Merino, a senior, also enjoyed Club Fair for similar reasons.

     “Hanging out with friends and seeing everyone’s different stations was cool. Also, probably getting the treats that they give, like the baking club gave out cookies, and I was going to sign up for that but the line was too big.” Hernandez-Merino said.