One Week in Candy Land: Spirit Week 2022


Courtesy of STUCO Instagram

Students dress up for spirit week. Soccer Mom vs. Barbecue Dad Wednesday proved to be popular and a great opportunity to bring a spatula and an apron to school.

     Colorful, bright, and spirited this year’s homecoming Spirit Week was extremely memorable as students reached another level with their themed outfits. 

     Every year the week before the homecoming dance the hallways fill with students in customs inspired from themes like Jersey Day to Mike and Ike Day.

     Student Council, the head-of-all-activities-school-spirit-related, is in charge of both arranging the homecoming dance and the spirit week themes. Emma Daniels, a junior on student council, helped to curate these themes. 

     “We just wanted the most amount of student participation and for people to have fun and for the spirit days to align with the upcoming dance,” Daniels said. 

     Centered around the homecoming theme of Candy Land the themes were: Pajama Day Monday, Jersey Day Tuesday, Soccer Mom vs. Barbecue Dad Wednesday, Mike and Ike twin Thursday, and Skittles class colors Friday.

     Senior Kyeese Hollands took part in this annual Central Catholic tradition that she finds important.

     “I think it is a tradition that people have been doing for centuries and it’s something that should be continued because why not it is fun and it is really engaging to the students at the school” Hollands said. 

     Students, like senior Maia Rheingold use Spirit Week as a way to connect with their peers. When asked what her favorite theme was, she promptly responded with “Twin Day”

     “…because Samantha (Drew) and I have twinned every single year and we had to finish it out” Rheingold said.

     The tradition of spirit week proved to be a success this year and it is one that will be continued for years to come. “I think it is important because you can share all your school spirit and you can have fun with your friends at school” Daniels said.